History committee projects

The committee has a number of ongoing initiatives, including the documentation of our family history through interviews with elder members and through the presentation of research that continues to provide more information about our past.  Below are some of the videos associated with this, and links to more posted elder interview sessions.


History Presentation

The video below, titled 'The Reservation: The Untold Story of Our Ancestors and Our Land', was first presented to the family at our 2018 reunion at Kingsmill in Williamsburg.  It was prepared by Lauren Rich and the History Committee.

Elder Interviews: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild

Below is one of the series of videos created from interviews with Cousin Brenda.  There is a link below this video to several other videos with Brenda as well as with Lonnie Graves, Margie Kyle, Antoinette Anderson, and John Allen.

Links to our other Elder Interviews on our YouTube channel:

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