It started at "The Reservation". For almost 36 years, the descendants of Anthony and Octavia Hundley have been getting together to celebrate and honor our history as a family - as well as note the shared history we have with many other Charles Corner families.

Our story starts in 1865 at "the Reservation," also known as Charles Corner. The Reservation was in the lower peninsula of Virginia in York County. An estimated 4,283 freedmen settled in this largely African-American community where Anthony and Octavia started their family. The residents of the Reservation were self-sufficient and engaged in businesses such as farming, oystering, and barbering. 

Their way of life was hugely disturbed in 1918 when President Woodrow Wilson issued Executive Order #1472 to immediately seize the Reservation site for the Navy by eminent domain. This newly acquired property was called “Naval Weapons Station Yorktown.”

Residents were given 30 days to vacate the 11,433 acres with compensation to be worked out later.

Our family strived to receive just compensation, even though they did not get their land back after the war.

They moved on, and today we still celebrate that resilience!